Ariana Barat is an artist and activist. As a printmaker, Barat has worked for the Brodsky Center, the Lower East Side Printshop, the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop and the Glasgow Print Studio editioning work for bluechip artists such as Kara Walker and Chuck Close. She is the Manager of the Printmaking facilities at Parsons School of Design and holds a BA in Fine Arts from Rutgers University and has her MS from the New School in International Affairs with a concentration in Development and Economics. Her research centers on labor compliance regulations in the garment industry and market demand analysis for handicraft in the artisan sector. She has collaborated with the World Bank, UNHCR and USAID researching income generating opportunities for artisan enterprises in emerging economies. This May Barat served as a panel expert with the UN Global Compact for the Youth Fashion Summit, which is part of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the world's largest event on sustainability in Fashion.